University Pathway Program Canada

Achieve your dreams of earning a qualification from a college or university in Canada.

IBTS supports your learning journey from the moment you register. We can help you find the right college or university program to meet your goals, and help you apply. Once you arrive at IBTS, you’ll receive a university pathway orientation and our academic advisors can help you choose the right courses to support your learning. Complete a minimum of one level of required University Pathway courses and you’ll be ready for success.

Your Pathway to Success

Set your Canadian education and life goals, then start a supported journey towards achieving your dreams with IBTS

IELTS Preparation

Achieve your goals on the IELTS Test with IELTS preparation experts

Prepare to achieve your target band score on the IELTS Test and open global opportunities for study, work, and migration.

Get expert support preparing for the general or academic IELTS test through targeted classes with experienced IELTS Preparation instructors. Improve your listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary, and get familiar with the exam through IELTS practise tests. Take IELTS courses anytime during a flexible English study program or take our focused IELTS Mastery program for intensive IELTS preparation

Why Choose IBTS for your IELTS Preparation

For years, IBTS has been offering the official IELTS test, and IELTS preparation courses to help students achieve their target band score on the IELTS test and achieve their study, work and immigration goals.